Who We Work With

Smart, intuitive IT infrastructure for the world’s largest data-use sectors.

At tecnologika, our primary goal is to supply high performing industry sectors such as the Financial Services with infrastructure and consultancy that gives their businesses a competitive edge.

With our strong methodology, creative thinking and industry foresight we often break the mould of our client’s original brief to address previously unseen issues and drive growth in a range of ways.

Who do we work with?


Financial Services

Since our inception, we have successfully supplied and deployed low-latency trading infrastructure to the capital markets, helping them to work faster and smarter. We work with investment banks…



Big Data + High Performance Computing

Some of the biggest issues faced by real-time corporations lie within the management and storage of voluminous or unstructured data, utilising that data to drive productivity and revenue…



Oil and Gas

tecnologika’s efficient, high-performance computing systems for the oil and gas industries comprise high-bandwidth, low-latency connections between thousands of multi-processor nodes…



Online Gaming

We provide the high-performance infrastructure essential for gaming enabling firms to provide the best possible real time experience for their end user…



Digital and Creative

Not all digital and creative firms want to store their data on the Cloud. Not only is security a potential issue but if there are problems with the chosen Cloud provider, there will be problems for the business. tecnologika provides expert server and system kits and local hosting…


At tecnologika we aim to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing IT infrastructure that really drives profit. Our multi-level engagement, both nationally and internationally with the Financial Services, High Performance Computing (HPC), Oil and Gas, Gaming and the Digital and Creative industries manifests in the success of our own organisation which continues to grow.

To learn more about how we could supply IT to your business, get in touch with us here.