How We Add Value

Consistency and Reliability

Our primary objective is to help your IT department deliver the critical technology and services that enable your business to operate. We understand that every business is unique and requires a varying level of assistance. At tecnologika our value added Services are designed to offer our clients as much or as little support as needed when selecting, deploying or maintaining their IT infrastructure. This flexible approach enables us to establish meaningful partnerships and truly help our clients become more dynamic and agile, removing complexity, and most important of all providing our clients consistency of service and reliability.

Our Value-Added Ethos

Our value-added ethos begins before you have purchased any technology. From product evaluations to full scale proof of concepts, we believe that you should have real world examples of the performance benefits before any investment is made. When you start to procure your hardware from tecnologika let us configure and stress test your equipment before it is dispatched. Every piece of hardware that goes through our configuration facility is asset managed so why not let us asset barcode, update firmware or even install an OS for you.

Professional Services

We implement and deploy a large range of industry leading technologies. Whether your project requires engineers for infrastructure implementations, professional consultants or project management, our professional services division has the expertise and resources to support you…

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Managed Services

At tecnologika, we provide a range of managed services are designed to provide computing power, software, data, and storage services without the need for you to manage the infrastructure in-house. Our hosted services are designed to reduce your operational overheads as well as provide a greater degree of data integrity for your peace of mind.

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Maintenance Services

Using our reliable partners tecnologika can provide you with a managed, high value support contract with almost unlimited SLA flexibility along with site-associated engineers for complete customer satisfaction.

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IT Disposals

tecnologika holds all the Waste Management Licenses needed to offers services which are WEEE compliant. These licenses, issued by the Environment Agency, include a full ‘Waste Management License’ and ‘Waste Carrier License’…

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