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Race to Zero build air cooled overclocked servers designed for performance in the algorithmic trading industry

High speed, low latency and reliable performance

Race to Zero design and manufacture servers built for high performance needed in the algorithmic trading industry. The company was created after listening to customers concerns surrounding the high failure rate often associated with liquid cooled servers. In response to this concern, RZ invested two years to do what was thought to be impossible and create an air cooled system which can rival and exceed the performance of other liquid cooled servers on the market.

Single socket server with up to 4.625GHz

Race to Zero’s flagship product is the HFT3-1000 a high performing single socket server powered by Intel Haswell Chip. The server offers super fast processor speeds overclocked to 4.625GHz. This performance is stable across all eight cores and will remain stable throughout the servers life.

The HFT4-1000 server is a single socket server using Intel’s Broadwell Chip. The second generation runs overclocked speed of up too 4.4GHz. These speeds are stable across ten cores and willnot deteriorate over time.

Dual Socket server on Intel Broadwell chip

To meet the broader needs of the industry, Race to Zero also offer the HFT4-2000. This is a dual socket server powered by Intel Broadwell chip with turbo speeds of up to 3.811GHz, stable across all 20 cores. The HFT4-2000 offers greater flexibility for algo traders giving great performance for code which requires two cores.

Air cooled technology they said could not be done

The Race to Zero range of air cooled servers are able to provide high performance which rival any liquid cooled products on the market. They can do this thanks to their proprietary cooling unit designed in house and their bespoke chassis built for air-flow.

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