Net Optics manufactures monitoring and access solutions for physical and virtual networks.

Monitoring Big Data

Net Optics performance monitoring solutions enable the identification of application problems or bottle necks, as well as isolation to a specific application or user on your network. This capability allows your network management teams to measure the network’s latency, performance and user/application activity to proactively monitor and measure end-to-end performance.

Address Networking Challenges

Indigo Pro gives you a centralised solution to configure and monitor data monitoring switches, taps and virtual taps and network controller switches for a streamlined, responsive and organised approach to network management.

Effortless Aggregation Management

With Net Optics Aggregators you can achieve access to full-duplex links using just a single NIC; choose from port aggregator taps to link aggregators – able to combine traffic from 1 to 24 network links for up to 24 monitoring tools.

Net Optics Port Aggregator Taps combine both TX and RX traffic from multiple network links and replicate it to monitoring tools, switches or Link Aggregation Taps. Net Optics Link Aggregation is transparent and protocol- independent, requiring zero support for IEEE 802.3ad, Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP), IEEE 802.1ax or any other proprietary protocols.

Fail Safe

IBypass Switches provide a trouble-free access port for in-line network security and monitoring devices. The Bypass Switch with Heartbeat sends a heartbeat packet to the device, protecting network traffic against link application and power failure on the attached in-line device.

  • Bypass Switches provide automated failover protection
  • Available in single segment or eight segment (high density) models
  • Support for 10 Mbps to 40 Gbps connectivity

Buy from Net Optics Experts

Net Optics products are available worldwide through distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers. Net Optics only works with those companies who have demonstrated dedication to partners and customer success. Our partnership gives us preferential product discounts, competitive price support on larger requirements and projects, access to Net Optics team of highly skilled pre and post-sale engineers and evaluation stock.