We live in an age where millionaires have been made through technology that wasn’t around 20 years ago, & it’s not slowing down.

Network performance is critical for your success. Vital applications need to run efficiently to allow your staff to work on their computers, VoIP phones, smartphones, tablets, and any smart device integrated into your offices. In addition to that is any service you supply to your customers meaning managing potentially thousands of requests/day, maintaining network integrity along with network security. Ask yourself these questions regularly to decide if it’s time to upgrade your network.

Is our network robust enough to handle security threats?

Ensuring strong network security is important to retain the confidence of your customers. Data breaches can have a devastating effect on your business. Aside from financial punitive measures that will come into force with GDPR, the loss of customer trust can be devastating. Equifax share price dropped 33% and several executives retired when they announced a data breach threatening 44% of the US. Many analysts think the long-lasting effects of this breach may permanently cripple the company because consumer trust has completely gone.

Can my network keep up with the increased demands?

We wish we could all have this problem. Your company grows at an exponential rate, meaning your network requirements double overnight. Increased customer requests, greater need for cloud access, more security threats, you need to ensure your network can increase at scale to maintain this level of growth. Public cloud networks are valuable to maintain this level of growth however with the increased security and bespoke services, you need to ensure your data centre infrastructure can also grow to meet your needs.

Is my network fast enough?

We’re in a new age of technology. Multi-million dollar businesses are being built on platforms that didn’t exist twenty years ago . Today with the growth in machine learning, AI, VR, AR, opportunities have never been so fruitful, however, older networks were not designed to handle this level of traffic.

Do I have oversight of my network?

A growing network, increased security and improved latency and speed are a few of the issues facing network engineers today. All of this comes together with your network visibility. You need live reporting to detect potential threats and to quickly identify errors, but also to improve network efficiency.

If you answer no to any of these questions, then contact tecnologika today. We’re data centre specialists with expertise in developing low latency networks and networks to support HPC infrastructure. We partner with specialist vendors to build a bespoke solution that will meet your needs today and give you room to grow for tomorrow.