Intel builds technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices.

Phi Coprocessor guarantee double processing

Parallel processing has been launched in the high demand server market with the Phi model. The Intel Xeon Phi family increases processing performances without overhauling application or code. Precision peak performance and up to 61 cores guarantees to launch and process multiple high demand applications in x86 server. The Phi coprocessors’ main draw is therefor that it raises the memory capacity of the entire hardware infrastructure.

Ivy Bridge

Intel has been leading the processor market for decades. Ivy Bridge is the latest micro architecture technology based on 22nm following Sandy bridge. It guarantees speed of processing, reliability, extreme programmability and much greater performance. Graphics performances are increased exponentially through the 3D Tri-gate transistors which overcomes the old inversion layer design.

The E5 Processor Family

Intel Xeon processor E5 family are built to be at the heart of today’s datacentres and enable powerful, versatile local and private cloud solutions. Intel gives you more built-in power management optimisation capabilities.

Servers with Rock Solid Reliability

Intel® Server products are completely customisable and offer the best in class design and uncompromising quality standards. Extensive testing and validation means you can trust them to perform. They have:

  • Rock Solid Reliability
  • Best in Class Design
  • Manufacturing Rigor
  • Lifecycle Management
  • Testing & Certification

Intel server Chassis

You will be surprised to know that Intel not only manufacture processors but almost all server components, from processors to motherboards, flash storage and server chassis. Intel manufactures bespoke server technology, making modular chassis from 1U to 6U rack servers containing Intel components inside. Giving the flexibility of memory and SSDs from other manufacturers depending on your requirements. Performance is assured by Intel’s status as leader in the high demand processing market.

Expand your Possibilities

Intel’s server range offers a flexible intelligent modular design and provides for over 100 unique SKU combinations from a single motherboard. Expand your possibilities with these brilliantly powerful and versatile server products.

Intel Server Continuity Suite

Intel® Server Continuity Suite is a business continuity software product featuring a single interface that intelligently integrates hardware management, virtualisation, server failover, storage, RAID and data protection management all tightly integrated and validated on Intel® server boards and systems. The newly designed, visually rich user interface provides the following capabilities; it gives customers one unified user interface to learn, schedule tasks, and set up alerting— all supported by a single vendor.

Buy from Intel Experts

Intel products are available worldwide through distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers. Intel only works with companies who have demonstrated dedication to growth and customer success. Our partnership gives us preferential product discounts, competitive price support on larger requirements and projects, access to Intel’s team of highly skilled pre and post-sales engineers and evaluation stock.