Cisco is the world leader in networking transforming how people connect & communicate.

Scale and Simplify with Cisco UCS

Discover Cisco’s Unified Computing System (UCS) and unite server, networking, storage access, and virtualisation resources – all in one system thus simplifying your network and accelerating your server infrastructure deployments.  Reduce cabling by up to 77% and power and cooling by up to 54%.

Raising the Bar for Storage Network

Get x3 the bandwidth of competitive offerings with Cisco’s next generation solutions and achieve outstanding reliability and exceptional flexibility through rich storage services and multi-protocol support.

Reliable. Secure. Seamless.

Cisco switching solutions are crafted to provide access and exchanges that are Secure, Reliable and Seamless. Their switching solutions are designed to protect personal and business information, network connections, resources, user identities and interactions. This is not only critical for business, but is often a legal necessity.

Achieve superior performance and more than x3 the bandwidth than any other SAN Director with Cisco MDS 9700 Series Switches, all ready to  adapt to accommodate future mission-critical applications, massive amounts of data, and cloud environments.

Be Dynamically Networked

Cisco’s hardware is designed to reduce costly network downtime. Reduce the need for redundant hardware; provide In-Service Software Updates (ISSU), Generic On-Line Diagnostics (GOLD), and automated recovery. Modern organisations require networks that move with them. Cisco dynamic switching solutions are scalable, and are come with industry-leading support.

Flexible Deployment of Services

Extend your organisations services, whenever and wherever you want using simplified LAN support. Cisco Catalyst Compact Switches help enable deployments of new applications easily, securely, and reliably. These fanless elegant switches are ideal for colocation with end users. Their compact form makes them easy to deploy in spaces with limited real estate.

Build a Next-Generation Network

Create the network foundation you need for your next-generation Unified Fabric datacentre and high-performance core. The Cisco Nexus 7000 Series of Switches deliver an extensive NX-OS feature set, with high-density 10, 40, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet for the datacentre and core network.

Extensible Hardware Platforms

Cisco switching solutions can be customised according to your exact technical and budgetary requirements. From the Nexus core switches to the modular Catalyst 4500 and 6500 series to the stackable, fixed and compact Catalyst switches, your LAN infrastructure is fully serviced and secured from central core to access layer.

Buy from Cisco Experts

Cisco products are available worldwide through distribution partners, systems integrators and resellers. Cisco only works with companies who have demonstrated dedication to growth and customer success. As a Cisco reseller, our partnership gives us preferential product discounts, competitive price support on larger requirements and projects, access to Cisco’s team of highly skilled pre- and post-sale engineers and evaluation stock.